Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Praying for Kate

I've been praying for Kate all day, as she had her second brain surgery today. But I haven't gotten it blogged about so that you can pray too! If you haven't started reading her blog yet, you really should! You will be both blessed and used.

Surgery apparently went well today, though Dave's last post was this:

Urgent Prayer Needed
Kate is in the post-op recovery room. We just met with Dr. Forget and he said that she is awake and responsive and can follow simple commands (counting on fingers,etc). However, she is very weak on the left side of her body. This is either do to swelling at the surgical site in her brain which is affecting the adjacent area that controls motor function, or it is due to the aggressiveness of the surgery.
Please pray that it is the former and will improve as the swelling subsides.

Please join us in our prayers for this dear lady of God! See this post for more specific prayer requests.

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