Friday, December 21, 2007

Mr. Chubby's new socks

We've had a hard time finding socks for Stephen because his legs are so chubby. Either socks will not stay up, or they'll squeeze way too tight, or both. So the other night, I decided to go extreme, and I tried on some socks that are labelled "Fits 4-6 1/2, Shoe Sizes 5 1/2 - 8 1/2."

Crazy, but true... they work! They're long in the foot, but they work.

This also demonstrates that I'm not always on the ball enough to keep the boy in cloth diapers. And that's okay! :-)


shawna said...

man alive...what are you feeding that boy? :) so funny that you post this pic though, just this morning, when tickling a bare tummy during a diaper change, I thought I should post a chubby pic!

Laurel said...

Just Mama's milk :-) And Mama directed, at that! (bigger grin)

You *should* post a chubby pic - that Miles looks like he's thriving!

shawna said...

yes, but miley will look like a shrimp at his mere 18lbs! :) Next time he poops out of his diaper in the exersaucer I will take a pic for you.

so how many feeds a day is he getting? I was trying to remember last night how many miles should be getting...but I couldn't remember what it is that they say!

Laurel said...

He's at 5 a day right now. I couldn't remember what we'd done with the others either... we switched him when he wouldn't eat well at 6 a day.

shawna said...

ok, that is what I was thinking..we are doing every other right now, depending on how it all falls, 5 or 6. Really my preference would be 5 since he seems to eat so much better on those days. Do you find it so much easier to stretch them out with older sibilings? I have sure have. I have so many play time helpers, I don't have to fight the urge to let them sleep for convenience sake, there is always someone available if I need help making him go a little longer.