Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What I do on a day when I'm too tired to do school...

I've been up later than usual the last three nights (which is saying something for a woman who finds herself grateful when she gets to bed before 12.30 am), and I didn't pull myself out of bed until almost 10. The fact that the guys didn't have much to do on the cabinet job they were finishing up this morning affected my mental ability to choose to sleep in - I generally don't consider that an option unless I'm horribly sick.

Anyhoo... once I dragged my body out of bed, showered, and got Jonathan off to work, I still didn't think I was going to manage to accomplish anything today. So I made homemade donuts. Does that have any element of sense in it? I didn't think so. But they were yummy and the Blessings loved them.

I was still feeling realistic enough to know that school was not going to happen today, it being noon and me still not feeling up to the challenges that would likely come with trying to do school with children who were up past midnight last night.

Sooo... what do you do when you're exhausted, your children are tired, and school is just not going to happen? ... Clean the house! I realize that this is not particularly sense-making, but it works for us. So, while the girls were out at Grandma's working on their Bible stuff, I got the boys started - Barak in the living room, Davey in the attic (boys' room), and Josiah in the dining room. And I started in on the mountain of dishes that somehow piled up over the weekend. When the girls came in, they started on their room, which will be finished after nap. But the boys finished their assigned rooms and the dishes are drying. Go team!!

We have leftovers from last night's dinner in the fridge awaiting suppertime, the house is fairly tidy, and we should be in a much better place for getting school done tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

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