Friday, August 25, 2006

Everyday Things...

Jules over at Everyday Mommy has started a new weekly feature to help us remember all the Everyday Things we have for which to be thankful. Yay!

I'll be more newly creative next time, but what came to mind right away this morning is the following piece that my dear friend Stacy and I wrote together when we were at Emmaus Bible College together years ago (like... 12 years! ack!). We actually mailed this out to a bunch of our friends. They must've thought we were nuts, but I still love it. :-)

Simple Minds Think Alike
I like the smell of mowed grass and to play in the leaves. I like to color, and the sun shining on my face. I like it when the clouds make a movie. I like to giggle, get into snowball fights, and play in the dirt. I like walking barefoot. I like melted ice cream dripping out of the bottom of the cone. I like bonfires, drawing hearts, and fresh flowers. I like the smell of the rain coming, and I like picking mulberries. I like the smell of the sun on a hot summer day. I like camping out under the stars, and hiking. I like crawling into fresh warm clothes right out of the dryer. I like to be silly, and I like the mountains. I like peaches, and Amish Mormon boys named Mick.
I like to wake up to white outside, and to crash when I’m skiing. I like it when turn signals are in sync. I like ugly cars and sunsets on red mesas. I like to have fun, and I like it when God winks at me with the stars. I like to make snow angels and to play in the rain. I like moms and dads. I like phone calls, and singing, especially with friends. I like baking chocolate chip cookies. I like the sound of crickets, and sifting out on the fire escapes at night. I like strawberry rhubarb pie. I like watching clouds move across a full moon, and the color of the sky right before a storm. I like hugs. And kisses. I like babies and sunflowers and pictures of memories, and pillows. I like red sand, and candlelight. I like puppies, and building sand castles. I like to swing. I like rays of sun through a cloudy sky, and long walks. I like praying with friends. I like the sound of wind, and hugs from God. I like warm blankets, thunder and lightning, and leaves in the fall. I like dreams with happy endings, and Hat Monopoly. I like watching wheat fields dance. I like jeans and T-shirts, hearing people talk to themselves, and waterfalls. I like it when the sky looks like an ocean, and when clouds look like mountains. I like seat wars, iced coffee, and the Fourth of July. I like to sprawl. I like trees, and the smell of familiar places. I like irises, jungle gyms, and lemonade. I like to skate. I like backrubs, plaid, and twisting my hair. I like to read, and I like big bows. I like Pachebel’s Canon in D. I like road trips and teddy bears. I like Kansas, Arizona, and Colorado. I like forest green and navy blue. I like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. I like Christmas, hats, the Hokey-pokey, and homemade bread. I like hard work and sweat. And I like to give gifts. I like to swim on hot days. I like to be serenaded. I like snakes. Little ones. And big ones. I like to be loved. I like putt-putt, blowing bubbles, and food at the fair. I like to help out. I like to hum. And whistle. I like Scripture songs and the clang of the camp bell. I like to watch married couples. I like cross-stitching, skiing in powder, and fog. I like quilts, and being with good friends. I like playing cards and ice cream headaches. I like pigs, chocolate, Christmas lights, and braids. I like clear nights, old couches, and talking with friends until early morning. I like playing in streams. I like the “Great cookie Caper” and Capture-the-Flag. I like to bark and snort. I like letters, warm fuzzies, and singing at the dinner table. I like to play hockey and soccer. I like ponytails, eating snow, and herbs (yes, even herbs!). I like rolling down sand dunes. And fresh air. I like to enjoy the simple things in life.
~By Stacy and Laurel, 1994

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