Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More tests for Andrew

Before I elaborate about the new testing we're having done for Andrew, I thought I'd share a story about the day we received the call from Cardinal Glennon about Andrew's elevated tyrosine levels. Jonathan and Mama had left the room to do other stuff, and Andrew and I were cuddling. As I kissed his soft downy head, I started to pray, "Lord, help him to be okay," but my prayer was changed in the midst and became, "Lord, help us to love him the way You love him, no matter what."

When we got back the results that Andrew's tyrosine levels had come down and he was given the all clear as far as tyrosinemia was concerned, I was, of course, thankful. Yet I was not jump-up-and-down-woot-woot excitedly thankful. I think the Lord had brought me to a point where I was prepared to be thankful regardless of what He had in store for Andrew, so my thankfulness one of calm and peace, rather than of a huge breath of relief. I was strongly impressed that I should take from His loving hand with thankfulness, no matter what He chose to give.

So, on Saturday, our wonderful midwife came by to do a 3 week check on Andrew and I on her way home from a meeting of midwives in St. Louis. We did not know at the time, but her visit came at the request of B, who acted as her assistant throughout my pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period. B had been to see us last Monday and had some nagging concerns about Andrew, so she asked Mary to check on us.

After giving Andrew a thorough going-over, Mary expressed her concern to us about Andrew. When he was born, his reflexes were all strong, but they have diminished. Of particular note are his palmar grasp (hand grasp) and plantar grasp/babinski sign reflexes (toe curling and spreading). His overall tone is a bit lax as well. Mary encouraged us to see a pediatrician as soon as possible to have him evaluated.

I am thankful for the network of friends that led us to a pediatrician who seems to be a great fit for us. She shared our concerns about Andrew's reflexes and tone. One possible cause is a metabolic issue, but since he is growing so splendidly (he weighed in at 6# 15oz today!), that doesn't seem like a likely cause. Another cause could be Down's syndrome. She recommended that we have a chromosonal analysis done, and after conferring with Jonathan, Andrew and I headed over to the hospital lab to have some blood drawn. We should have results in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we are very much at peace. Andrew is a precious treasure and we love him dearly. We are thankful for the gift of having him in our family.
Thanks for your love and prayers!


Kim & Dave said...

Wow, Laurel! Sounds like we still should be praying......which I will do.

Kathy said...

i just gave you the Versatile blogger award. you can check it out on my latest post.
I will keep Andrew and all of you in my prayers!
love, kathy

Heather said...

My prayers with you and the family. I understand your concerns and also the peace that God gives in all of this.
love you friend,

born2bmomma said...

Praying always, for His perfect will and peace upon Andrew, you and the whole family! His ways are not ours but are SO much higher :) Thankfully

Peachtree said...

I so appreciate your testimony of God's sufficiency in this. He is faithful.


Gracie said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful testimony of the Lord Jesus' work in your heart!

We will be praying!

Laurie said...

"I was strongly impressed that I should take from His loving hand with thankfulness, no matter what He chose to give."
Good and wise words. I've said very near the same words and surely with the same sentiment and commitment yet, how forgetful I prove to be! I pray for the strength and faith to be thankful no matter what! I'll try to help remind you if you falter... Will you remind me?

Laurel said...

I'm so thankful for the encouragement and support, my friends. And Laurie, thank you for the promise of a reminder when I falter. Forgetting comes so easy...
What a blessing to be able to lift each other up and bear each other's burdens. Thank you!