Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Trip to the Creation Museum

Last week, Dad and Mom Smith took us to the Creation Museum. They not only paid for almost everything, they also bought us a five year family membership to the Museum. So you'll be hearing more about it in the future!

If you're not familiar with the Creation Museum, it is a 70,000 square foot museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The motto you see scattered throughout is, "Prepare to Believe." With a variety of displays and multi-media presentations, the folks at Answers in Genesis bring the Biblical account of Creation to life in a whole new way.

We arrived at our campground Tuesday night after the campground office had closed, but a helpful "resident" guided us to our campsite and gave us tips on where to put our tents so that they would not be flooded if there was rain. With light from the van headlights and a propane lamp, we erected all four tents and got everything set up. I think it was 1.30 by that time, but I talked the adults into a game after we got the Blessings settled. Mom Smith chuckled and remarked, "You just need to have the whole camping experience, don't you?" Oh yes.

Tuesday, we got a bit of a late start - that happens when you play Racko until the wee hours of the morning. We also had a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast that Mom Smith whipped up for us on the campstove. We didn't arrive at the Museum until around noon. But we crammed in everything we could before we have to leave at 5.30 to pick up Maggie at the kennel. There is so much to see there!

Wednesday, I got up shortly after 7 and got things rolling a bit earlier than the day before. Amazingly, we got our whole camp site packed up, ate breakfast, and were on the road in time to make it to the Museum by 10.30 - only a half hour after opening! We had a more relaxing day on Wednesday, and filled in some of the gaps that we missed the first day.

We took so many neat pictures that it was hard to pick ones for collages. So I ended up with seven collages!


The boys:

Mostly girls:

The "grown-ups"

And some miscellaneous pictures from both days mixed together:

We had a great time, and were sad to leave:


Eryn said...

looks like so much fun! the camp site was beautiful.

Laurie L. said...

Fun stuff!

Rachel said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time! We'd def love to go back to that museum as well.