Friday, February 13, 2009

Back in the land of the living

The family started coming down with stomach yuck last Tuesday (Feb 3), and I've been pretty seriously sick since Saturday, so I've been a blog slacker!

I'm mostly better now, but running to catch up so that I can pull together the last minute details for our chapel Valentine's Banquet tomorrow night, so I'm still going to be a blog slacker. But I have some really great links to share with you. Please check them out.

First, what I missed while I lay in bed on Tuesday - the 5th annual Cookie Day at the Missouri capitol in Jefferson City. Folks from around the state, from several different organizations, come to the capitol to show their support for midwives. This year was extra special because it's the first year that we've had legal midwives in Missouri! Lots of neat pictures at that link.

And secondly, a very educational and insightful article on maternity care from Consumer Reports. And be sure to take the Maternity Care Quiz.

I'm off to prepare for the banquet!

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