Thursday, July 17, 2008


Things about my 13 month old son which delight me...

~Dimples in his hands, elbows, knees
~Still nursing 2-3 times a day
~Baby talk - most of it doesn't make sense, but the Mama call is getting more distinct
~His precious belly laugh
~He's a flirt
~Watching him toddle on his chubby little legs
~He likes to put on sunglasses
~His hands exploring my face and neck while he nurses
~Watching him hug/tackle his siblings
~His love for his Daddy
~Hearing him knock/slap on my door and call for me
~Seeing him "reading" with his older siblings during siesta time
~Rhythm - he's got it, and he loves to dance to the music
~Getting kisses and hugs

Not knowing if seven will wind up being the perfect number for us has helped me to cherish every moment with this child. I'm not clinging to his babyhood, but I'm savouring every drop of babyhood nectar with enhanced appreciation. Even if the Lord were to choose to bless us with many more children, I think there will always be a special element of delight when I look back on my time with baby Stephen. God is so good!

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MagenRanae said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for sharing.