Monday, June 09, 2008


I have this tremendous sense of freedom and relief today. You see, yesterday afternoon, I finally caught up on my home schooling paperwork - woohoo! Logging hours is my bane, and I keep saying that someday I'll stay on top of it through the school year and not have these weeks-long marathons in May and June where I go through papers that are months old, making sure they're all recorded properly so that if we're ever called to turn in our required paperwork, it will be ready.

Not all of the Blessings are completely done with school work for the year, but they are all going to do at least math throughout the summer months, and have scheduled reading time in the afternoon, which will catch up those that don't have quite enough hours. So, for all intents and purposes, we are on summer break. Yay!

I have soo much to do that I have been setting aside, first for the busy-ness of the legislative session, then for the urgency of figuring out if we need to cramp in last minute hours of school.

Last night, I had a wonderful time sorting through my 3 big tubs of sewing and craft stuff. I was hoping to find some fabulous material for some window mistreatments. I didn't find any, but I did get my tubs nicely organized, which I've been wanting to do for quite a while. We also had a blast looking through my Lord of the Rings quilt blocks, from a block swap I did several years ago. I even started thinking more seriously about putting some of them together, lol!

Then there's all the writing and blogging that I've been wanting to do, the catching up with friends - including those I've recently discovered on Facebook (hi Merri!), the house organization, the planning for next school year, the enjoying the summer with my husband and children, etc. etc.

Yay for summer break!

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