Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Maternity Clothes

I have more eternally significant things to blog about today, but I feel compelled to share with you that I am so glad it is starting to feel like spring! Besides all the usual reasons, there's my maternity wardrobe. And my size. Or maybe it's the way my maternity wardrobe and my size are fitting together. For a little while longer....

You see, the cute summer clothes that I had looked forward to wearing closer to "term" fit me now. Not fit as in, "I'm pregnant-enough-looking to avoid looking ridiculous wearing this outfit" but fit as in, "Hmmm... won't be able to wear this much longer." The large end of my maternity wardrobe is all summer stuff, hence the rejoicing over springlike weather.

About the size issue... I started this pregnancy about 25 pounds heavier than I would have liked to have been. I'm 25 weeks along and I've gained 30 pounds. The midwife is not concerned about the weight, but she has cleared me to start watching my carbs if it will make me feel better. I'm not too worried about the weight myself, because I think a big part of why I just couldn't lose it before I got pregnant was because of the estrogen dominance issue. I feel very confident about getting it off after the baby arrives.

In the meantime, it won't be long before I'm going to run out of clothes that fit! For now, though, I'm just going to enjoy wearing my summer clothes. I shall consider myself the beacon of coming warm weather!

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MagenRanae said...

:) You make me laugh. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy checking in on your blog and seeing what new things you've had to say!