Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Prenatal - at last!

Monday, we had our first prenatal - probably the latest we've ever had a first prenatal, but all is well.

Random notations from the prenatal-

Need to drink more water. I haven't been feeling as "green" lately, so it's easier to slack on the drinking. It's cool all the stuff your urine call tell you, eh?

My iron is great - 12.something. I was a bit concerned because I haven't done the best job of taking my vitamins lately.

Fundal height - not measured, but in the right spot.

Diet's okay, but could use improvement. Got sheets to keep track of what I eat. Guess I'll start tomorrow.... that Snickers I got at the hardware store today probably blew it, lol. ;-)

Need to find a way to exercise again. I was doing so well with this for a while, but...

Due to a communication glitch between Jonathan and I, we ended up hearing our little one's heartbeat. We usually have our care providers use a fetascope unless there is an indicated need for a doppler check, so except for once when we were leaving on vacation and I hadn't felt movement yet, we generally just hear the doppler occasionally during L&D. I have to admit. It was Such a Thrill to hear that little hearbeat. Wowsers. 164, by the way.

My cheapo wheel was off by a couple days (something I would have realized if I'd bothered to look at the calendar). Our new official ETA is June 19. The big deal with the wheel being off is that I actually hit 12 weeks yesterday (instead of tomorrow). No cramping, no spotting. So I think I'm ready to do the next post in My Balancing Journey - what I've learned about hormone imbalance. Praise the Lord!

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