Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy "Get Organized Week"

While preparing our chapel calendar for October, I learned that the first week in October is Get Organized Week.

So, what are your organizational plans?

Do you have any organization tips or helps to share?

On my projects list for this week -
**Finish switching out seasonal clothes (doing this in the fall, by the way, is a sure-fire way to get warmer weather. My apologies to those in the St Louis area who aren't thrilled about the brief return of summer - it's suposed to get up to 90 today!)

**Work in the office, clearing clutter and getting things filed.

**Get the huge load of give-away stuff to the Agape House and out of my house!

**Possibly - work more on going through the toys in the garage.

Organizational Tips? One word - Flylady.

Off to tackle the office counter...

1 comment:

voni said...

I need to switch over clothes. we are in that cold but can be warm stage here in Iowa. Makes for alot of clothes.