Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apple Picking

We went on a wonderfully fun field trip with our homeschool support group today. We picked apples at an orchard - the first time our family has had the opportunity to do so. We've picked berries, and somehow I went with the expectation that it was going to be tedious that way, but no! It was easy and fun, and the apples are oh so fabulously yummy. The cost for the excursion with $4/child, including a hay ride, a small petting yard, a maze, a delicious cup of cider, a tall playset with nifty slide, and a bag for apples that holds 6-7 lbs. $4. 6-7 lbs. Around here, that's a real steal. And some of the best and juiciest apples I've ever had.

You can kind of see the issue my camera had today. That "diffused lighting" effect? Not intentional. Got most of the way through the day before I realized I needed to clean my camera. Looking through the pictures, it created a wide range of effects, some quite pleasing.

Grocery shopping on the way home, roast in the oven, and now I need to start getting ready for our camping trip this weekend!